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Tafahum is a private company located in Dubai – UAE which provide access to several affordable and effective health care services. Tahafum provides its customers with unique services and solutions to cover their needs.

Benefits and value of our services

•40% discount on all Health treatment services from {dental, cosmetic and ophthalmic treatments}
•Our services allow you to know all the prices of treatments before going to your doctor through the website
• Book appointments via the website or by contacting the company directly
• Unlimited clinic visits throughout the year
• Our network is composed of experienced doctors who provide high care
•Our network of clinics are available throughout the UAE
•Private membership packages for individuals, families and companies


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Nukhba Package

•Dental Care Treatments
•Dental Cosmetic
•Up to 40% on dental cosmetic treatments
•Up to 40% on dental care
•Family & Personal Packages

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Enaya Package

•Dental Care Treatments
•Up to 40% on dental care
•Family Personal Packages

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550 AED


Basma Package

•Dental Care Treatments
• Up to 40% on dental care
• Family Personal Packages

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Why Tafahum?

We always seek confident and attractive simple, however prices tag is always large! We at Tafahum knows that there are certain treatments which is not covered by insurance companies due to its cost. And many people cannot afford these high bills, therefore we offered these treatments in several fields ( Dental, Optical,Cosmetic Surgeries) as fixed percentages and different price packages which suits everyone either residences or visitors of UAE. Register now you and your family and get rid of high bills with Tafahum

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We are a pioneer as a company specialized in medical care